These posts include comments about the development of the novel, some background information on characters, and other insights into the novel.

Writing Tools: Equipment and Software

There are many excellent programs available these days that are useful for writing books. This article provides recommendations, the favorite choices of our writers, depending on the writing project (i.e., technical manuals or novels).

posted: jan 22, 2018; words: 873; readers in past month: 1169

Writing Your Life Story

Many people who say they want to be a writer, often say they want to write about their life. If that’s the whole story, they probably shouldn’t. But if they truly want to be a writer, there is something they can do with their life story.

posted: dec 19, 2017; words: 1141; readers in past month: 344

Remembering the Point

When writing a chapter of a non-fiction book, it’s easy to get lost in the details and forget the point you’re trying to make. It’s also common not to see the reader’s perspective. This will lead to a confusing chapter.

posted: nov 30, 2017; words: 614; readers in past month: 1084

How to Write a Novel, Part III (Planning)

When a writer is timid about writing a novel, isn’t sure how to write so much text, he will decide to write an outline, to plan the chapters. This is not a good idea: it stifles the creativity.

posted: oct 28, 2017; words: 584; readers in past month: 1016

How to Write a Novel, Part II (Writing at Length)

Writing a few hundred pages of a story may seem very difficult to do, but it’s actually something most people can do easily if they understand how to approach it. In fact, many people do something similar verbally without realizing it.

posted: sep 19, 2017; words: 884; readers in past month: 1022

How to Write a Novel, Part I (Getting Started)

The task of writing a few-hundred-page novel can be daunting. Many writers can’t imagine they can do it and don’t know how to start. But it’s not too difficult when you understand what you’re doing.

posted: aug 23, 2017; words: 675; readers in past month: 1029