About the Publisher§

About the Staff

Our staff is composed of writers and editors who work for a few companies — generally on a contract basis. Some have experience in writing short stories and articles, and some with writing and publishing novels and technical manuals. Some write, edit, and otherwise maintain the documentation for several well known software companies.

They have many years of experience in writing and editing and publishing fiction and technical manuals — some more than ten years in these areas. They have college degrees in particular in English or something similar related to writing and literature.

About Charges

We charge for our services, but how much we charge and how charges are calculated can vary depending on the project. We charge flat fees for some services (e.g., layout and format) and an hourly rate The rate for hourly charges are also agreed upon in advance, although the number of hours cannot be determined in advance.

We prefer to be paid half of flat fees before commencing the work and half when we finish. We bill for hourly charges once a month after the month has ended, regardless of whether the work has been completed. We expect to be paid within two weeks of sending an invoice to a client by wire transfer.