Services Offered§

Below are descriptions of some of the services that we offer.

Text Editing

Regardless of how good you are as a writer, it can be very useful to have someone else edit the text of your novel. We can assist with the basics, like proofreading (i.e., checking for typing and spelling mistakes) and checking your English grammar. Additionally, we can assist in improving word usage — this is particularly useful for writers who are not native English speakers.

For novels, as well as technical manuals, we can provide advice on organizational structure of your book. We can assist in improving the flow of the text with each chapter, for better coherency. For technical manuals, we can advise you on presenting information in a manner which will be easier for readers to follow and in creating better examples and graphics.

Layout and Format

The look and feel of a book, whether it’s a novel or a technical manual, can make for a better reader experience. Fonts and other typesetting factors have an influence on the reader. Ensuring that chapters start on the correct pages, footnotes read well, and line heights and spacing are all important and something with which we can assist writers who wish to self-publish their books.

Besides all of the many layout and formatting concerns, there are all of those extra details that are part of professionally published books. These include those pages in the front of the book, such as the copyright page, as well as those pages at the end (e.g., author background, indexes, etc.).

Finally, there is the art work. At a minimum, this involves the graphics and images used on the book’s cover. There are also all of the little text included on a typical cover. Plus, your book may call for images to be created: graphics for examples in technical book; and illustrations for some novels. We can assist in creating graphics, or finding the right artist and directing them to ensure your book is the best it can be.